Monday, 16 August 2010


Literally finished this last night, i think this could be a possible side character in the Action Gents miniseries, I've got the project all set up ready to animate so i should have some rough tests soon to see what the puppet can actually do, also i've got some concept stuff i still have to scan in so those will be up in the coming weeks...a bit about pengwin. He's quite dopey and seemingly nonchalant about life, a lot of stuff passes him by but somehow he's become quite the businessman, although don't let the briefcase fool you, its full of a wide variety of fish not documents, he walks/swims/catches the bus to get around and doesnt really like the cold all that much...he may have a family but whether we ever see them is a different story, moves quite slowly is never really in a hurry, the monocle is just for show really, he thinks he fits in better with it.

Me and andrew might also be working on a bird related project where he will almost certainly pop up in aswell so keep a look out for that....drews blog is i think.