Monday, 22 March 2010


Test animation of 'Basajaun' using Anime Studio Pro, this was very early concept work for a potential childrens tv show, based on the character from the childrens books of the same name. was done on work placement in Dibulitoon Studios, Spain. just a bit of fun really, not meant to be taken too seriously!

Concept for Set Design

Quick after FX mock up using rough skecthes to illustrate a potential set design for 3rd year film student (Toby Browne). Think this concept was actually chosen and is currently being built for a short film by a college in India. Although not visually stunning i think it illustrates how to use very rough elements to try and composite something visually exciting, whilst also helping towards getting a pitched idea through.

Foundation Year final piece

Film i made as a final piece for my Foundation year, no real narrative structure, is just supposed to be a film noir style mood piece, and my first real experimentation with animation, special thanks to Liam, Joe, Luke, John and Romek!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Title sequence animation

Title Sequence (animatic and final) for Curious Minds from Ricky Earl on Vimeo.

Animatic and final TV intro for 'Mentes Inquietas' a spanish childrens TV show designed to educate and entertain children about science and history.

Animatic and final animation were built in AfterFX using puppets and elements created in photoshop. This was a team project between me and another student (see Tricky E on blog list), we did all parts of the Intro from storyboarding to pupoet rigging to final animation and camera moves, effects etc.

sketches pt8

sketches pt7

sketches pt6

sketches pt5

sketches pt4

sketches pt3

sketches pt2

sketches pt1